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You have landed on this page because you would like us to assist you in your fundraising work. Before getting started please read the following:

No cost

To start working with us we need you to complete the form provided on this page. Note that the purpose of this form is to let us know that you are interested in one of our services, while allowing us to get a bit of information about you and your organisation. There is absolutely no fee or cost for this on your part.

It normally takes us 24 hours to get back to you and set up an appointment for our initial assessment processes, which are done free of charge.


When to expect costs

As a rule there is no cost on you until you have signed an agreement for a particular service offered by InterArts Funding.

Pricing policy:

Grant writing:  A quotation will be shared with you upon requesting the service.

Fundraising strategy: A quotation will be provided after assessment.

Organisational set-up: A quotation will be provided after assessment.

Acce: Fees are published on each training course when it opens for registration. 

Please complete:

What service(s) do you require?

Great! we have received your request.

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