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Our vision

To foster a vibrant and sustainable arts sector in Africa by empowering social enterprises and arts organizations with the resources and skills they need to thrive.

Why we are here

At InterArts Funding, we are passionate about supporting social enterprises and arts organizations in Africa to secure the funding they need and achieve their objectives. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by cultural organizations, we provide simplified solutions to help you navigate the complex world of fundraising.


Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of services, including grant writing and strategy development in areas that aid sustainability in arts organisations. We work closely with you to understand your vision and purpose in order to align your goals with the right funders and partners.


We recognize the unique challenges that arts organizations in Africa encounter, such as limited fundraising resources, difficulty finding the right funders, and the need to meet strict grant requirements. Our expertise in grant writing, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the funding landscape, enables us to craft compelling proposals that resonate with funders and maximize your chances of success.


With our vision to foster a vibrant and sustainable arts sector in Africa, we are committed to empowering social enterprises and arts organizations. By providing access to funding, enhancing competencies, and driving positive social change, we strive to create a thriving arts ecosystem that embraces cultural diversity.


The true essence of securing grants lies not in a mere chase for financial resources, but in the pursuit of generating positive change and achieving tangible outcomes. We admire and support individuals and organizations that embrace these principles, as they are more likely to create lasting and meaningful contributions to society. They understand that grant funding, when combined with effective strategies and a clear vision, can make a substantial difference in their communities.


At InterArts Funding, we share this belief wholeheartedly. We are dedicated to supporting social enterprises and arts organizations that embody these principles, as we believe they have the potential to create lasting impact and bring about positive change. Together, we can seek funding with a purpose and work towards achieving good results that benefit our communities and society as a whole.


Join us at InterArts Funding and let us be your partner on this exciting journey. Together, we can turn your artistic ideas into reality and make a lasting impact in your community and beyond.


Strengthen your organization, serve more clients, and empower your community.

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