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About the opportunity

The DOEN Foundation, often referred to as DOEN, receives support from the Dutch Charity Lotteries to back more than 200 initiatives annually. This support comes in the form of subsidies, equity investments, and loans. DOEN extends its assistance to a diverse range of initiatives, both large and small, guided by the principle of providing subsidies when necessary and offering equity investments, loans, and guarantees when feasible.

Application Process DOEN accepts applications throughout the year on a rolling basis.

Funding DOEN doesn't impose specific minimum or maximum contribution limits, but typically, it finances up to one-third of a project's total budget.

Project Focus The DOEN Foundation backs ventures and organizations within the Netherlands and overseas, specifically in East Africa and India. These supported initiatives are expected to conceptualize, develop, and implement innovative projects deeply connected to their surroundings, adaptable, and capable of attracting diverse funding sources. The overarching objective of all DOEN-supported initiatives is to contribute to a sustainable, socially inclusive, and creative society.

Advance Consulting's Areas of Focus Advance Consulting specializes in two key thematic areas:

  1. Sustainable Energy for Everyone: This involves backing innovative enterprises in developing economies that aim to enhance access to sustainable energy. Such initiatives enable consumers to generate sustainable energy themselves and promote energy conservation. In regions where access to sustainable energy is limited, particularly in East Africa and India, DOEN provides financial support to initiatives that bridge this gap.

  2. Towards a Fair and Sustainable Food System: DOEN allocates funding to sustainable entrepreneurs and innovative business models focused on transitioning to a sustainable food system, especially in East Africa. This includes initiatives that prioritize local recycling and innovative models to maximize the use of raw materials.

Target Countries Outside of the Netherlands, DOEN exclusively supports projects in East Africa and India.

Eligibility Criteria Applicants must be recognized legal entities.

Application Procedure To apply for DOEN funding, use the online application form. There are no specific submission deadlines, as applications are accepted throughout the year. On average, the application process takes approximately four months.

Why Collaborate with Advance Consulting? Advance Consulting has a proven track record of assisting numerous clients in securing DOEN financing. They offer comprehensive support, guiding you through the entire project assessment and approval process with DOEN. For more information about the DOEN Foundation, you can complete the contact form. Please note that Advance Consulting is an independent entity and not directly affiliated with the DOEN Foundation.

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InterArts Funding

InterArts Funding offers its expertise to assist you in applying for grant opportunities, leveraging our extensive experience to enhance your chances of securing the grant. It is important to clarify that InterArts Funding is an independent entity and is not affiliated with any specific funding organization. While we have a commendable track record of success, we cannot guarantee the approval of your application. Grant outcomes depend on various factors beyond our control.

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