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 Simplified solutions for   sustainability in the arts. 

Let us unlock 
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With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by cultural organisations and creatives, we at InterArts Funding provide simplified solutions to help you navigate the complex world of fundraising.

Covering all creative industries


Unlock funding for projects in music, dance,  theatre etc.


Including photography,  filmmaking, design,  painting, drawing etc.


Let us help you get funding for your projects in tangible & intangible cultural heritage

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We are agile and able to work across different artforms.

Our services

Capital campaigns

Need to raise capital for a specific project? We at InterArts Funding can help you determine if your entity is ready for a capital campaign, how much you can expect to raise, and guide you to reach your capital needs through a solid capital campaign. This is a thorough, hands-on process including, organisational assessment, feasibility studies, donor profiling, prospect identification and execution.

Grant writing

Our professional grant writing services are designed to maximize your chances of securing funding.  Trust us to transform your ideas into compelling grant proposals that capture the attention of funders. Let InterArts Funding be your strategic partner in achieving your funding goals and realizing your artistic vision.

STRAT & Advisory

Strategy is key to financial success. With a wide range of  templates, tools and data, we are able to develop thoughtful strategies that bring sustainability to social enterprises. Our expensive experience working with arts entities across Africa, also places us in a unique position to understand the sectorial needs and help you design your developmental programmes.


Key steps (grant writing):

1. Evaluation

This process is important for us to fully understand your entity, its  eligibility for funding, scope of work, experience and potential to attract funders.

2. Conceptualisation

Here we weave all your great ideas into a feasible project plan that is alignable to your objectives while ticking the boxes of the potential funder. This process involves research and extensive planning.

3. Writing 

Only after everyone is happy with the project’s plan, our professional grant writers get to work. Another writer goes over the proposal and scores it based on the evaluation table. Any deficiencies are then fixed.

4. Submission

The funding-ready proposal is presented to you and if everything is approved – it’s time to submit.

“Fundraising is not just about asking for money. It is about telling your compelling story and engaging others in your cause."

InterArts Funding

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